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Get USA VPN | Get USA IP Addresses | US Wireguard VPN

U.S. VPN servers


Get a USA IP address in seconds with secure VPN server locations in the USA
  • Sign up for WideVPN. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Follow tutorials to setup VPN, available on a wide variety of platforms.

  • Connect to a VPN server location in the United States.

Why use WideVPN's U.S. servers?

You can get a US IP address, and with a US VPN you can pretend to be in the US to access the website you need. You can unlock video sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and Unblock websites, uncensor restricted content, and enjoy the free internet again. You can also protect your privacy and stay safe online without worry.You can get a U.S. IP address for online surveys or other websites that are restricted to U.S. IP addresses.

Protect yourself online

WideVPN is a robust virtual private network with an excellent collection of features, wrapped in a slick client that secures your online activities.WideVPN has secure VPN servers all around the world. This ensures that there is always a high bandwidth server nearby no matter where you are connecting from, providing a low latency VPN connection for best performance.

  • No speed limits

  • Easy to use

  • Next-generation encryption

  • Zero logging

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • WireGuard protocol